Talking of boats, like many of us, I’ve been watching the tragic refugee crisis unravel in Europe through countless moving and thought-provoking videos and articles, yet many (most in fact) without a call to a clickable action.  After a while, one thinks well, other than general awareness, what’s the point?  We are just filling our brains with more and more stuff and gradually desensitising!

According to youtube we are viewing 40% more videos this year than last. Good news for all charities and corporations wanting to get your valuable message out.

Yet how many times have we all seen some idea that excited us or moved us and then clicked off and went onto the next thing?

Most videos will end with a logo/website etc.  But here’s some ideas on getting a lot more people engaged before moving on to their next thing.   I’m talking about something clickable. A tangible, specific action, directly related to your objective for investing to create a great video in the first place.

– If you’re a charity, a link to your website , to a donate here site (don’t forget currency provision if your audience is international), a link to a petition, a link to a number to text-donate…

– If you’re a business, a link that will get them as close to the actual product POS as possible, a ‘register your interest’ form, a link to a ‘free trial’ form, a link to a phone number, a link to other initiatives like ‘sign up to a webinar’ or ‘join the conversation’

Note: Links can be added with Youtube ‘annotations’ functionality and with vimeo Plus or Vimeo Pro.

So that’s my humble advice for the new year, for your next video.  Same goes for articles.. Give your audience the chance to ‘sail’ towards your objective.

My call to action? Call me 07703 129723 or click on if you want to chat about your next video venture for your business or charity.