These statistics and best practices have always been super-useful to me for reality setting in when planning, and editing your videos.

How long do we watch online videos?

  • In the first 10 seconds people will decide whether to keep watching
  • The first 30 secs is the next ‘drop off point’
  • Obviously more people will watch a 1 min video all the way through, than 2-3 min video etc. BUT whether 2 mins up to 10 mins, people will watch on average 50% (source: Wistia)
  • The top 10 most shared video ads, they average 4 mins 11 seconds (Source: ReelSEO)
  • Our attention span varies depending on what device we’re watching on:
    • desktop avg 2mins
    • phone avg 2.4 mins
    • ipad avg 5 mins!

How can we make sure our videos are as short as possible?

  • First: be crystal clear about the basics –  who’s your audience, what are your key messages, what’s your call to action?
  • Second: Ensure your producer does plenty of research, plenty of thinking in the shower, or brainstorming session with you, to visualise the who, where, what, duration, tone etc etc.
  • Third: Make sure the producer develops a thorough Creative Treatment to crystallise the details so you don’t end up with unnecessary or missing footage and the shoots are as smooth and professional as possible
  • Remember there’s not one size fits all: Many of my videos are longer than 2 mins but it’s been a conscious decision based on the audience and purpose.